our amazing team of


Thong (Anthony) Do

Founder & Scientist

Anthony knows nothing
But he can turn some beers to ideas, then turn ideas to real things

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Irene Nguyen

Sales and Marketing

Have you met... Irene? Her passion is Creativity and Marketing. She loves helping people to work out with their idea. She is a good listener, if you want to talk about your ideas, let's meet Irene

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Thong (Raymond) Le

Web & iOS Scientist

Under the developer mask, Raymond is a professional gamer
His favorite games: pacman, pacman, pacman and pacman

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Khuong Nguyen

Backend & Android Scientist

Yeah, he is still raising his hands...
Whenever you come here, his hands will be raising

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Tuan Tran

Windows Scientist

Look like he is old, but he is not that old
He's still young

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